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PDR Global Inc. offers IT Management Consulting services in the security, privacy and Business Continuity Managment areas. The Management Consulting services are supplemented by IT security technical architects and analysts, and by Business Continuity Planners with a range of experience up to the senior level.

Prior established contractual arrangements will permit PDR Global Inc. to respond to broad based challenges in a comprehensive way. These services are offered to both public and private sector clients across Canada and Internationally.

Our Services

  • Acquisition Mechanisms     
    • ITISPS Contract Vehicle Information Technology Infrastructure Security and Protection Services (ITISPS) through Cinnabar Networks Inc. Associate Program - National Master Supply Arrangement (NMSA)
  • Communications     
    • Communiqués
    • Education and Awareness
    • Training
  • Electronic Security (ES) Frameworks     
    • Security Policy & Integration With Companion Policies
    • Security Standards, Guidelines and Procedures
    • Best Practices
    • PKI Certificate Policy and Certificate Practice Statements
    • System Security Certification and Accreditation
    • Security Risk Management
  • Links     
    • A collection of links from security related sites.
  • Monitoring and Audit     
    • General security
    • PKI Certification Authority (Standards and Recertification)
    • PKI Cross-Certification
  • Organizational     
    • Governance
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Organization Structure
    • Accountability Frameworks
    • Legislative, Statutory, Regulatory
  • Privacy     
    • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Security Processes     
    • Threat Risk Assessment
    • Intrusion Detection and Response
    • Incident Handling
    • System Development Life Cycle
    • Integration of Security Risk Management with Other Processes: Change Control, Business Resumption, Acceptable Use, Code of Ethics etc.
  • Strategic Planning     
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Direction Analysis
    • Strategies and Approaches
    • Annual Plans
  • Training     
    • Communications security;
    • Computer security;
    • Network security; and
    • and initiatives such as Public Key Infrastructure and enterprise wide IT security approaches

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