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Strategic Planning, Studies and Approaches

Organizations are achieving their business objectives through the effective use of Information Technology (IT).This will place critical information assets or resources at risk if adequate safeguards are not implemented to address inherent vulnerabilities that exist in many information systems. These IT vulnerabilities can affect the availability or proper functioning of IT.

Information technology plans must be responsive to business requirements. Additionally, IT Plans must include IT Security. PDR Global Inc. would work with organizations to review the business mission, vision and objectives. If it is concluded that the enterprise direction is consistent with current mandates, roles and responsibilities, PDR Global Inc. would provide assistance to establish if the business lines for the organization are well defined and consistent with the business mission and objectives. Once accurate business lines are completed it is then possible to deal with the current problem or initiative.

PDR Global Inc. believes that the formulation of broad based approaches such as ITS Enterprise Wide Strategies, Direction Studies and Annual Plans can be effective ways in which to deal with issues that can affect business success. As a result, most organizations are approaching their secure information management challenges in very structured ways to minimize investment and to ensure that the result is consistent with an enterprise's business mission and objectives.

How then can organizations proceed to ensure success with secure information technology implementations? Take advantage of the PDR Global consultants and their knowledge of how to conduct security program reviews, how to develop annual IT Security Plans, how to link IT Security to business needs, information sensitivity and assurance, and finally, how to link safeguards to assurance and to ensure compliance with the organization's security policy and standards.

PDR Global Inc. advances this approach on a partnership basis with the client.

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