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Electronic Security (ES) Frameworks

With an increasing amount of business being transferred onto computer systems, and with the rapid evolution of e-commerce where 'being connected' is a Corporate goal, organizations must have in place the solutions that will protect the critical information that will be available to hundreds, if not thousands of people. These security solutions must be enterprise-wide in their application and relevance, and must encompass those measures that will protect an organization from both an external and an inside threat.

Organizations increasingly understand the benefits of Electronic Security Frameworks that include all those considerations that will provide a complete and comprehensive enterprise-wide security solution.

Management consulting assistance is available from PDR Global Inc. that will provide organizations the expertise to advance ES Framework initiatives that include:

  • Examination of legislative and policy frameworks;
  • Integration and/or development of enterprise wide security architectures;
  • Refinement and/or development of security strategies, policies and standards;
  • Identification and development of communications approaches to assist in the understanding and advancement of key security initiatives;
  • Identification and application of security service capability audits; and
  • Development and presentation of education and awareness briefings and training.
ES Frameworks are particularly important, and are not a one-time, static security exercise, as threats evolve and develop so to must the security protection to guard against them. Adjustments are often needed in the following areas:

  • Identification, development and application of security risk management to reduce enterprise exposure;
  • The development or refinement of enterprise wide security policies, standards and practices;
  • The formulation of classification schema, statements of sensitivity and policy assurance models that will categorize information assets and identify protection needs; and
  • The identification and formulation of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate policies, practice statements and methodologies that will allow delivery of PKI CA services and cross-certification with partners.
PDR Global Inc. will work with its clients to ensure that a complete solution is available to the client; ES Frameworks make such a contribution.

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