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There are many challenges that organizations face in meeting program and service expectations. Notwithstanding that organizations are implementing state of the art information technology solutions and program and service delivery is dependent on its success, security continues to also be a focus where adequate due diligence and maintenance of a posture with acceptable risk or exposure must be met. A focus for management in this area is on the following organizational concerns:

  • Legislative, Statutory, Regulatory
  • Governance
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Organization Structure
  • Accountability Frameworks

Both the public and private sector are often driven by legislative, statutory and regulatory instruments. Non-compliance with these requirements will result in ‘material risk’ if adequate or reasonable due diligence has not been taken. At the organizational level there is much that can be done to ensure that an IT Security program is functioning efficiently and effectively.

PDR Global Inc. security and privacy services can be of assistance to:
  • Study and find resolution to governance challenges that will ensure that the most appropriate oversight is in place to provide adequate due diligence by all stakeholders in the information technology security field;
  • Resolve overlap and confusion that exists among the various stakeholders that hold central or decentralized roles and responsibilities in the area of IT Security. This usually involves a consensus by business, information technology and security officials on the most appropriates split in roles; and
  • Identify the options and most suitable organizational structure that will permit an organization to meet its IT Security program goals and objectives. This would include such aspects as career advancement of staff, development of core competencies, adequate technical depth to ensure due diligence, client service centricity and achievement of best practice;
  • Ensure that the accountability framework in place will support the IT Security requirements in the areas of programs, shared information or systems and performance indicators and the elements of an accountability relationship will be identified.

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