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Security Training

Education and awareness are critical aspects of any successful and comprehensive security program. Education is an ongoing exercise that benefits not only the operations personnel but all levels of management. Management must undergo continuous training in order to maintain an adequate level of comprehension so as to be able to make informed decisions. Past audits of security have indicated that in enterprises where education and awareness are weak the overall understanding of security suffers. This can result in security shortcomings, non-compliance with security and privacy policies, failure to meet standards and possible exposure for the enterprise.

PDR Global Inc. offers a broad range of training in areas such as:

  • IT Security including: communications security, computer security and network security; and on broad based initiatives such as:
    • Public Key Infrastructures; and
    • Strategic Approaches and Plans for IT Security;
Some of the more specific subject mater areas that PDR Global Inc principals have experience with and/or are capable or presenting on include:
  • Introductory level material on IT, personnel, and physical security;
  • Enterprise security and enterprise security frameworks;
  • Security classification schema and guidelines;
  • Security risk management;
  • Threat and vulnerability;
  • Communications security including: cryptographic security, transmission security, emission security (TEMPEST), and emanations security installation standards;
  • System security certification and accreditation;
  • Audit approaches in support of security compliance and enforcement;
  • Public Key Infrastructures including: governance, trust, legal and privacy issues, digital signatures, cross-certifications, and policy management authorities; and
  • Information Protection Centers (IPC) and Intrusion Detection Systems/Capability.
In support of security policy and standards development assignments, PDR Global Inc. will also develop and deliver education and awareness sessions to ensure organizations are appropriately familiar with their updated frameworks.

PDR Global will tailor the training to be appropriate for the individual enterprise and can create a training program tightly linked to a broad based 'communications program' for any enterprise initiative. Training can be offered on-site or in an off-site environment as desired.

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