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Organizations are making significant investment in secure IT to advance their e-biz objectives and plans. Momentum is building as public and private sector organizations focus attention on e-commerce and Electronic Service Delivery. The challenge of finding the means to protect their investment in key initiatives through the maintenance of stakeholder interest and support, and the success in meeting organizational objectives and goals is a significant one. A 'communication strategy and plan' is an integral component to ensure that: an accurate understanding of objectives is achieved; expectations are managed; and support and schedule are maintained.

Assistance from objective third parties can be very helpful in the formulation of a comprehensive communication approach for initiatives that have many interdependencies or are very complex in nature. IT Security Management Consultants from PDR Global Inc. can assist both public and private sector organizations to successfully implement new initiatives or maintain the momentum of on-going developments where the understanding and perceptions held by a variety of stakeholders will be significant to overall success.

In support of the above, organizations must achieve the requisite level of understanding in IT Security at all professional and management levels. In order to achieve this organizations require a robust education and awareness and training program.

  • The education and awareness program should target all levels of employees, including senior management, in an attempt to ensure that all individuals understand the components of security, the link to risk or exposure for the organization, their individual obligations and how a contribution can be made to ensure that due diligence has been achieved.
  • The training program targets those individuals who require more comprehensive information on the IT security discipline in order to perform their job. This would include secure IT system developers and implementers, project authorities, security officers, LAN administrators etc.

PDR Global Inc. has consultants experienced in developing and delivering a range of security seminars, tutorials and presentations to achieve the required level of education and awareness. In partnership with others, a comprehensive technical program can also be developed and delivered to meet organizational in-depth security needs.

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